Digital Notebook Planner (interactive)

Digital Notebook Planner (interactive)

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This is a PDF Interactive Digital Notebook Planner for GoodNotes. This download comes with 4 covers (4 planners) to choose from. Digital notebooks are great for those looking to keep all of their writings in digital form. No more paper!

These files are for use with the GoodNotes app on an iPad. You can open these files using other software and apps, but certain functions might not work the same. The purchased file will be 1 ZIP file containing the 5 PDF's.

These lined, digital notebooks contain hyperlinks, which help you navigate quickly. The index page allows 10 "chapters" so you can organize your thoughts easily. Jump to the section you want to add writings to, then add additional pages if needed. Navigate back to the index page on each planner page with a small hyperlink in the lower left. Save these files as many times as you like and choose from the different color covers that are included. Each PDF is 23 pages, which includes cover, back cover, index page with 10 hyperlinks and 2 pages designated for each hyperlink.


• 1 PDF Interactive Digital Notebook Planner (Black Cover)
• 1 PDF Interactive Digital Notebook Planner (Gray Cover)
• 1 PDF Interactive Digital Notebook Planner (Red Cover)
• 1 PDF Interactive Digital Notebook Planner (Blue Cover)
• 1 PDF Instruction Sheet


• Proportional to 768 x 1024px (portrait)
• Format fits an iPad
• Scalable without quality loss
• Works best with a stylus pen


These files do take a bit of technical knowledge to use. Please only purchase if you feel comfortable with downloading, saving and importing files to your iPad using the app, GoodNotes.

Everyone's settings on their iPad are different, so you may need to adjust these directions slightly. Make sure these files that you have already downloaded are in an easy to get to place. You may need additional software to open ZIP files. Some people prefer to store it on a cloud, others use Dropbox or a similar service for file transferring. Open GoodNotes and tap on "+" and then "import" your file. Some hyperlinked text will direct you to an "index" page, while sometimes color boxes/shapes will also direct you to a certain page. Once you feel comfortable with the document and how to navigate, feel free to add pages when needed.

Note: This file is for personal use only. Please contact me if you would like to use this file in a business setting, additional charges may apply.

SHIPPING: There is no shipping, you can instantly download the file after purchasing.

RETURNS: Due to the nature of digital files, Moderntype Designs does not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact us with any problems with your order.

USAGE: Downloading "printable" files by Moderntype Designs gives you permission to save and print as many copies as you would like, but reselling in any way is prohibited. "Interactive" files are for personal use only. Moderntype Designs is not responsible for printing errors or any legal information that may be in the fine print on any files. Colors may vary on different monitors.