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It’s Not Too Late!

You’ve completed all of your Christmas shopping, you’ve decorated your house and Christmas tree … but your child reminds you of a party that you forgot about, and you might have ungrettably agreed to do the party favor. Don’t fret, here is a solution to your problem:

Holiday Party Favor Printable Pencil Glowstick Tag Insert Holiday Party Favor Printable Pencil Glowstick Tag Insert

Simply download and customize this printable with your personalized info, then print, cut and slide a pencil or a glow-stick through the openings … done.

Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday season …

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Halloween Glow Stick & Pencil Tag Inserts – Printables

Halloween is almost here, this cool little party favor will be the easiest solution for your kid’s next event. You may even want to hand it out to other family members as a gift.

These glow-stick or pencil tag insert printables can be personalized with your family name or just one person. You won’t need any fancy software, just Adobe Reader (free). Once you download, you can print as many as you like and even save for another year. Crop marks and instructions are included for your convenience.