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Join a Pinterest Group Board

Pinterest can be a great social media tool to promote your business, especially if you’re a company that sells a physical product. The problem is, how do you get started? And how do you promote products without having to buy advertising from Pinterest? One answer is by using Pinterest Group Boards.

Get Invited

If you get invited to join a group board, also known as a collaborative board, it allows you to post your products as long as you obey a few group board rules. Many group boards have a lot of followers and traffic, so your products can potentially be seen by more people than if you just posted on your normal Pinterest page. But how do you become a member of a group board?

Just Ask

Yup, plain and simple. If you’ve spotted a group board that you want to join, look for the original administrator. You can usually spot them as being the first thumbnail in the list of Administrators for each board. In the description of the board it usually will say what the rules are. It also should say HOW to become an administrator. Follow their instructions and wait for an answer. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes they never get back to you. But at least you tried. Once you’re invited, take a moment to set a schedule so that you’re not spamming your products. The more groups you join, the more this schedule becomes a crucial step in your product promotion.

Examples of a Few Group Boards

The following boards are my favorites. Mainly because I am a contributor – I even own the first one. If you like, you can be a contributor too.

Etsy – Favorites
Administrator’s Page

Administrator’s Page

Etsy Mall
Administrator’s Page

Administrator’s Page

Etsy Finds
Administrator’s Page

Etsy Printable Art
Administrator’s Page