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Free Password List Printable Form

This FREE download is a printable Password List Business Form PDF – INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

This printable freebie log is great to keep next to your computer so you can remember all of those passwords that you accumulate. Hand writing these on this paper ensures that you won’t have a problem with hackers!

All you will need is the latest version of Acrobat Reader (free).

If you’re in need of any other business form printables, take a look at my inventory on moderntypedesigns Etsy shop. I can create anything from an invoice to an extensive medical form. Just send me a message and I will get you a quote.

Download Your Free Printable Password Log Form (right click save-as) <

[Downloading this file gives you permission to save and print as many copies as you would like, but reselling this template in any way is prohibited. Feel free to link to this page for the free printable, but copying the entire product and description onto your website is also prohibited.]
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It’s Not Too Late!

You’ve completed all of your Christmas shopping, you’ve decorated your house and Christmas tree … but your child reminds you of a party that you forgot about, and you might have ungrettably agreed to do the party favor. Don’t fret, here is a solution to your problem:

Holiday Party Favor Printable Pencil Glowstick Tag Insert Holiday Party Favor Printable Pencil Glowstick Tag Insert

Simply download and customize this printable with your personalized info, then print, cut and slide a pencil or a glow-stick through the openings … done.

Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday season …

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Want to close an Indesign file, but keeps asking to save changes?

A small annoyance that I’ve recently discovered when using Indesign is when you go to close a document and it asks to “save changes” … when in fact, you haven’t even touched any of the elements within that file. Here’s what I found out.

Continue reading Want to close an Indesign file, but keeps asking to save changes?

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Shadows with Boxes in Digital Prints

From time to time when printing a shadow over a solid color digitally, we will notice that it creates undesirable results. You can get anything from a thin line interrupting your art to a large white box placed exactly where your entire shadow is located. Many of the times these results are from top-of-the-line print production software. Here’s a quick trick on how to deal with this issue. Continue reading Shadows with Boxes in Digital Prints